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Ego Quotes And Sayings

Best Ego Quotes And Sayings That Inspire And Teach You For Your Path

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    Ego means I. Ego is needed in our life. But extreme ego is harmful to us. It may kill your relationship. Here are the best ego quotes which will teach you to use ego in the right place.

    Egocentric people are harmful to our society. They always talk about themselves. They believe that they are the center of this universe. These kinds of people are very dangerous for our society. If you know someone who is egocentric, share these ego quotes with that guy.

    Just like egocentric, there is one more type of people called egomania. All these people think of themselves as so important that they behave like crazy. Keep a safe distance from those people.

    Extreme uses of anything can be very dangerous for us. Ego is needed for our self-respect. But don’t let it go to the extreme level. These ego quotes will help you to under the meaning and use of ego.

    Top Best Ego Quotes And Sayings

    1. If someone corrects you and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem. — Nouman Ali Khan
    1. The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something. — Muhammad Iqbal
    1. Complaining is one of the ego’s favorite strategies for strengthening itself. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. The weak are dominated by their ego, the wise dominate their ego, and the intelligent are in a constant struggle against their ego. — Hamza Yusuf
    Top Best Ego Quotes
    1. A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul. — Jillian Michaels
    1. Ego is probably one of the biggest poisons we can have – it’s toxic to any environment. — Jonny Kim
    1. All ego really is, is our opinions, which we take to be solid, real, and the absolute truth about how things are. — Pema Chödrön
    1. Some people’s insecurity and ego fragility cannot tolerate the slightest offense. — Robert Greene
    1. Less ego, more excellence. Less talk, more do. Less rude, more polite. Less fear, more wins. — Anonymous
    1. When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi
    Top Best Ego Quotes
    1. First remove “I” that’s ego. Then remove “Want” that’s desire. See now you are left with only “Happiness”. — Buddha
    1. You have no choice. You must leave your ego on the doorstep before you enter love. — Kamand Kojouri
    1. Dissolve your ego before it dissolves yourself. — Maxime Lagacé
    1. Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity. — Marina Abramovic
    1. The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. — Wayne Dyer
    Top Best Ego Quotes
    1. Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ego. — Friedrich Nietzsche
    1. Ego is false confidence, self-respect is true confidence. — Naval Ravikant
    1. My opponent is my teacher, my ego is my enemy. — Renzo Gracie
    1. The first product of self-knowledge is humility,” Flannery O’Connor once said. This is how we fight the ego, by really knowing ourselves. — Ryan Holiday
    1. Destroy your illusions so you can see reality. Destroy your fears so you can take risks. Destroy your ego so you can see life. — Maxime Lagacé
    Top Best Ego Quotes

    Most Famous Quotes On Ego

    1. Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. — Colin Powell
    1. Love is happy when it is able to give something. The ego is happy when it is able to take something. — Osho
    1. Your ego screams for people to acknowledge you. But you must do nothing. Take it. Eat it until you’re sick. Endure it. Quietly brush it off and work harder. — Ryan Holiday
    1. Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace”. Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place”. — Marianne Williamson
    1. The ego is the false self-born out of fear and defensiveness. — John O’Donohue
    Famous Quotes On Ego
    1. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal. — Pema Chödrön
    1. I am not a superstar or an ego. I am just the same as I always was: Someone who plays football. — N’Golo Kante
    1. Your ego is your self-image created by thought. It’s your social mask requiring validation because it lives in fear of losing its sense of identity. — Thibaut
    1. Knowledge and ego are directly related. the less knowledge, the greater the ego. — Albert Einstein
    1. Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy. — Anonymous
    Famous Quotes On Ego
    1. Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything. — Rainer Maria Rilke
    1. Body is purified by water. Ego by tears. Intellect is purified by knowledge. And soul is purified with love. — Ali ibn Abi Talib
    1. I don’t know about your true form, but the weight of your ego sure is pushing the crust of the earth toward the breaking point. — Jim Butcher
    1. The bigger your heart, the more you love, the more you control your life. The bigger your ego, the more you’re scared, the more others control your life. — Maxime Lagacé
    1. Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success. — Dwayne Johnson
    Famous Quotes On Ego
    1. The Ego is a veil between humans and God. In prayer all are equal. — Rumi
    1. As long as the ego runs your life, most of your thoughts, emotions, and actions arise from desire and fear. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. The ego is the single biggest obstruction to the achievement of anything. — Richard Rose
    1. Humility is born of the spirit, humiliation of the ego. — Alan Cohen
    1. Letting go of your ego opens the door to take a new and creative course of action. — Unknown
    Famous Quotes On Ego

    Best Quotes About Ego

    1. Always keep your ego in check and not be afraid to listen. Listening is a great art form. — Clint Eastwood
    1. Being efficient is the easy part. Suppressing one’s ego completely for hours at a time is really hard. — Colin Clark
    1. All you need to know and observe in yourself is this: Whenever you feel superior or inferior to anyone, that’s the ego in you. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. Never let your ego get so close to your position that when your position goes, your ego goes with it. — Colin Powell
    1. The ego says: I’m still angry about yesterday, the spirit says: new day, new attitude. — Unknown
    Best Quotes About Ego
    1. Never ignore those persons who say sorry for their mistakes because for them, you are important not, their ego. — Anonymous
    1. More the knowledge, lesser the ego. Lesser the knowledge, more the ego. — Albert Einstein
    1. If you feel offended whenever someone corrects you for your mistakes it only means that you have an ego problem. — Anonymous
    1. Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. Being a control freak is a weakness, not a strength. If you can’t allow others to shine, you’re exhibiting signs of narcissism and showing a lack of self-confidence. It is isolation through ego. — Stewart Stafford
    Best Quotes About Ego
    1. The gulf left by the absence of ego is quickly filled with knowledge. — Shane Parrish
    1. To walk around with an ego is a bad thing. To have confidence in yourself is a great thing. — Fred Durst
    1. You can either be a host to God, or a hostage to your ego. It’s your call. — Wayne Dyer
    1. Ego makes you see yourself high just let the ‘e’ go and you will be free. — Unknown
    1. Complaining is one of the ego’s favorite strategies for strengthening itself. — Eckhart Tolle
    Best Quotes About Ego
    1. The ego is an exquisite instrument. Enjoy it, use it – just don’t get lost in it. — Ram Dass
    1. Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser – having a healthy ego, or high opinion of yourself, is a real positive in life! — Donald Trump
    1. The more you can have control over your ego rather than let it run amuck, the more successful you’ll be in all areas of life. — Roy T. Bennett
    1. The minute you start compromising for the sake of massaging somebody’s ego, that’s it, game over. — Gordon Ramsay
    1. Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you. — Wayne Dyer
    Best Quotes About Ego

    Inspirational Quotes On The Ego

    1. The ego cleverly hides by projecting and by avoiding to look beyond what it merely believes. — Anonymous
    1. The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of the ego. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser. — Donald Trump
    1. The ego relies on the familiar. It is reluctant to experience the unknown, which is the very essence of life. — Deepak Chopra
    1. Make your interests gradually wider and more impersonal, until bit by bit the walls of the ego recede, and your life becomes increasingly merged in the universal life. — Bertrand Russell
    Quotes On The Ego
    1. We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal’ demonstrates that we will keep going despite the difficulties. It reveals our ego. — J-Hope
    1. The ego cannot live in the present, because the present is real and the ego is false – they never meet. — Osho
    1. Goals must never be from your ego, but problems that cry for a solution. — Robert H. Schuller
    1. You can either be a host to God or a hostage to your ego. It’s your call. — Wayne Dyer
    1. The ego hurts you like this: you become obsessed with the one person who does not love you. blind to the rest who do. — Warsan Shire
    1. Is there a meditation that is not the ego trying to become? Is meditation conscious if every effort implies time? — Jiddu Krishnamurti
    Quotes On The Ego
    1. The ego is a false sense based on mental concepts. It is identification with the body and the mind-primarily identification with thought form. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. She is pretending like she doesn’t miss you, you’re pretending you don’t give a damn, ego is a hell of a drug. — Nitya Prakash
    1. Leave your ego at the door every morning, and just do some truly great work. Few things will make you feel better than a job brilliantly done. — Robin Sharma
    1. The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention. — Alan Watts
    1. The more you dis-identify with your ego, the more complete is your freedom. — The Ancient Sage
    Quotes On The Ego
    1. If there’s anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now. — Douglas Adams
    1. Spiritual transcendence is transforming the rigid ego attachments into acceptance of self and others. — Lynne Namka
    1. Ego is constantly attempting to acquire and apply the teachings of spirituality for its own benefit. — Chögyam Trungpa
    1. For the ego to survive, it must make time – past and future – more important than the present moment. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. A man’s spirit is his self. That entity which is his consciousness. To think, to feel, to judge, to act are functions of the ego. — Ayn Rand
    Quotes On The Ego

    Short Ego Quotes

    1. Ego takes everything personally. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. The Ego’s job is to kill everything but itself. — Byron Katie
    1. Where id was, there ego shall be. — Sigmund Freud
    1. Be capable of negating your ego. — Robert Greene
    1. Ego is a drug. Use in moderation, if at all. — Lex Fridman
    Short Ego Quotes
    1. Starve your ego. Feed your soul. — Unknown
    1. I have an ego the size of a small planet. — Linus Torvalds
    1. A man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress. — Ayn Rand
    1. Drop ego and listen. Empathize. — Naval Ravikant
    1. The ego isn’t a real thing, it’s just the unexamined mind. — Thibaut
    Short Ego Quotes
    1. When it comes to doing my job, I keep my ego in my handbag. — Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
    1. When the ego dies, the soul awakes. — Mahatma Gandhi
    1. Think big from the heart, not the ego. — Anonymous
    1. Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen. — Gary Hopkins
    1. Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space. — Diana Black
    Short Ego Quotes
    1. I like the moment when I break a man’s ego. — Bobby Fischer
    1. Don’t be a hero. Don’t have an ego. — Paul Tudor Jones
    1. Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman’s ego. — Paulina Porizkova
    1. I love playing ego and insecurity combined. — Jim Carrey
    1. Ego is to the true self what a flashlight is to a spotlight. — John Bradshaw
    Short Ego Quotes

    More Ego Quotes To Inspire And Teach

    1. The ego is always looking to find something – the spirit can see what’s already there. — Marianne Willamson
    1. When your ego is no more, only then will you know who you are. — Rajneesh
    1. In mourning it is the world which has become poor and empty; in melancholia it is the ego itself. — Sigmund Freud
    1. Why do you give way to your ego and pride. Where does it stand in the ocean of time. — Naveen Rajeev
    1. It’s not the great stars that win; it’s the great teams that win. It’s the teams that subjugate their ego to the team and put the team first. — Robert Kraft
    Ego Quotes To Inspire
    1. Chess and me, it’s hard to take them apart. It’s like my alter ego. — Bobby Fischer
    1. Wash out your ego every once in a while, as cleanliness is next to godliness not just in body but in humility as well. — Terri Guillemets
    1. Never let anyone’s ego kill your vibe. Stay positive and don’t feed negative energy. — Anonymous
    1. Every ego wants to be special. If it can’t be special by being superior to others, it’s also quite happy with being especially miserable. — Eckhart Tolle
    1. If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame. — Jocko Willink
    Ego Quotes To Inspire
    1. Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego. — Terence McKenna
    1. The ego relies on the familiar. It is reluctant to experience the unknown, which is they very essence of life. — Deepak Chopra
    1. The Spirit is as much a jealous lover as the ego. Both guard their path with an uncompromising passion but for very different reasons. — Donna Goddard
    1. Midlife is the time to let go of an overdominant ego and to contemplate the deeper significance of human existence. — Carl Gustav Jung
    1. The thing I like to stress about TV is that it’s a team exercise. You really can’t have too much of an ego. — Monty Don
    Ego Quotes To Inspire
    1. Fight your own pride and ego and be open-minded and always learning new techniques, new things from anyone. — Sam Sheridan
    1. Letting go of your ego opens the door to taking a new and creative course of action. — Suzanne Mayo Frindt
    1. An ego is synonymous to disease, for it can disable some of the person’s abilities. — Unknown
    1. One of the ego’s favorite paths of resistance is to fill you with doubt. — Ram Dass
    1. You bruised my ego, you see, and there’s just not enough money in the world to soothe my ego when it gets bruised. — Jennifer Estep
    Ego Quotes To Inspire


    These ego quotes are collected from various sources on the internet. Read these quotes by giving extra attention. If you know someone who is egocentric share these quotes about ego with that person. Thank you for reading this post till the end.

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