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Friendship Status

Best Friendship Status For Your Cute Friend In English

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    Friends are in everyone’s life, but a true friend is a gift from god. We develop friendships by associating with different people and share friendship status on social media on a regular basis, but it is not possible to become a true friend just by being friends.

    To become a true friend you have to prove it from time to time. Here is some best friendship status that you can share by tagging your true friend on your social media profile.

    Best Friendship Status

    Thousands of people on the internet are constantly searching for friendship status to tag their real friends on social media. If you also want to share some memories with your real friend on social media and tag him, there are a number of friendship quotes and statuses that you can easily copy. Here you go.

    1. “Friends are those who can make you smile even if you are crying.”

    Best Friendship Status

    There is no such thing as friendship in this world. A friend is a person with whom happiness and sorrow can be shared in all situations. Truly friends are with you in times of danger and help you even in bad situations. A true friend can make your mind better if you are upset in any situation in life.

    2. “In life, friends are always there to support you even if you lose.”

    Best Friendship Status

    There is no such thing as friendship in this world. A friend is a person with whom happiness and sorrow can be shared in all situations.

    Truly friends are with you in times of danger and help you even in bad situations. A true friend can make your mind better if you are upset in any situation in life.

    3. “Friends make the bad times good & the good times unforgettable.”

    Best Friendship Status

    If we ask ourselves why we need friends in our lives then we get the answer, we want someone by our side who will be with us in bad times so we need a friend.

    Whether it’s going for a walk or a movie, a time of danger, or a time of rejoicing, only friends can make the situation happier. And the time we spend with friends is something we will never forget in our lives.

    4. “It’s the friends we meet along life’s roads who help us appreciate the journey.”

    Best Friendship Status

    Life is a journey. Life from birth to death is a competition. And in this competition, a man named friend stays with you from beginning to end.

    5. “If I make the wrong decision in my life I know my friend is there to make it right.”

    Best Friendship Status

    It is important to have faith in the absolute relationship. No relationship can develop without trust. And friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world.

    A friend’s trust in another friend should reach such a level that when one person does something bad, another person will show him the right way.

    6. “A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”

    Best Friendship Status

    Not everyone can be a true friend if they have a good relationship or a good acquaintance. Most of the people you know maybe with you when you are happy but they will not be with you when you are sad. Perhaps one of the thousands of acquaintances will stand by you during your grief and be your true friend.

    A friend who knows the literal meaning of the word, and to whom friendship is much more important, will keep the news of your post more than your laughter.

    7. “Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, & impossible to forget.”

    Best Friendship Status

    It’s really hard to find a true friend among thousands of boys. Some people spend their whole lives looking for a trustworthy person. And if you find such a trustworthy person as a friend, you can never forget him.

    8. “You always share your pain with your friends because you know they will heal your pain.”

    Best Friendship Status

    Not everyone can be told everything. Again, there is nothing that cannot be said to friends. A friend is a person with whom you can share all kinds of things.

    There are so many things in our lives that we can’t even tell our parents. When we say those words to our friends, our suffering is lessened. And if the friend is a true friend, he will help you to heal your wounds.

    9. “A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.”

    Best Friendship Status

    It is not possible to become a good friend only after giving friendship status on social media. A good friend has to be aware of the state of mind in order to become a best friend. You can never hide anything from someone who knows you and knows you, not even the mind.

    10. “If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh.”

    Best Friendship Status

    You can’t be a good friend just by posting that picture as a friendship status on social media while going for a walk or a chat. To be a trustworthy person and a good friend, you have to have the ability to make another friend laugh in any situation.

    11. “In friendship, you always help each other without expecting anything in return that is true friendship.”

    Best Friendship Status

    True friends are those who help you in times without expecting anything in return. This kind of friendship lasts forever. Not everyone can find such a real friend in his life. If you have a real friend like this in your life, keep him with you.

    12. “Life becomes so easier when you have caring friends. Any relation may end up but a true friendship never does.”

    Best Friendship Status

    We cannot forget the last moments of life with which we have some good or bad memories. We can’t easily forget the moments we usually spend with friends.

    Because the moments spent with a friend are very special and remain in our memory forever. But not all friends are real friends. Like memories spent with friends, real friends stay with you for a lifetime.

    13. “There’s something about childhood friends that you just can’t replace.”

    Best Friendship Status

    We meet a lot of people in our lifetime and develop good relationships with them. Some of them became friends again over time. But childhood friends are a little special, we can never forget childhood friends.

    14. “Friends will always stand with you even if the whole world is against you.”

    Best Friendship Status

    A friend is always next to another friend. If someone leaves you in your time of danger, he or she cannot be your friend. Becoming a true friend is not so easy.

    When everyone speaks against you, if someone speaks for you, he is your true friend. And even if the whole world speaks against you, a true friend will never speak against you.

    15. “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.”

    Best Friendship Status

    Not everyone finds a selfless friend in everyone’s life. And you don’t just have to have a good friend, you have to become someone else’s best friend.

    So that someone else can trust you and you have to make yourself that way as his true friend. Because if you want to get a real friend, you have to be a real friend of another. Giving friendship status on social media alone does not make you a real friend.

    1. “A good friend would bail you out of jail but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you saying, damn that was cool.”
    1. “Friends pick us up when we fall down, and if they can’t pick us up they lie down and listen for a while.”
    1. “Looking forward to many, many more years of laughter, fun, and friendship—together!”
    1. “A best friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have. True friendship is never serene.”
    1. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
    Best Friendship Status

    Cute Friendship Status

    1. “I don’t want a perfect friend I just want an honest and good friend.”
    1. “A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”
    1. “Good friends are like quilts – they age with you yet never lose their warmth.”
    1. “A real friend is like a map who will guide you in the right direction.”
    1. “God made us best friends because He knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.”
    Cute Friendship Status
    1. “You are my best friend because I wouldn’t dare be this weird with anyone else.”
    1. “A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.”
    1. “I made many mistakes in life but I never regret that day when I choose you as my friend.”
    1. “We will always be best friends until we are old and senile. Then we can be new friends.”
    1. “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”
    Cute Friendship Status
    1. “Don’t lose true friends because once you lose them you regret your entire life.”
    1. “True friends don’t judge each other. They judge other people together.”
    1. “True friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”
    1. “I have store the memories in my heart the stupid things that we did together.”
    1. “I hope we’re friends until we die. Then, I hope we stay ghost friends so we can walk through walls and scare people.”
    Cute Friendship Status

    Best Friend Status

    1. “Friends come and go like waves of the ocean, but the true ones stick like an octopus on your face.”
    1. “A true friend accepts who you are but also helps you to become who you should be.”
    1. “Your best friend is your safest locker where all your secrets are kept.”
    1. “Friends never ask for food. Best friends are the reason you have no food.”
    1. “A good friend like you is hard to find, hard to lose, and trust me you are unable to forget.”
    Best Friend Status
    1. “Sometimes I feel if I have never met you, I had never understood how precious you are my friend.”
    1. “Friendship is finding that special someone you can enjoy being a dumbass with.”
    1. “Friendship is not about to whom you know longer it’s about who came and never left your side.”
    1. “I feel happy and lucky that I met you without you I was hopeless my friend.”
    1. “If you aren’t somewhat crazy in the head, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.”
    Best Friend Status
    1. “Best friends can turn a horrible day into one of the best days of your life.”
    1. “Best friends always leaves a footprint in your heart.”
    1. “You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.”
    1. “Friends come and go. Best friends will always find their way back.”
    1. “Best friends are those who share your problems so you don’t have to go through them alone.”
    Best Friend Status

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