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Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions That Crazy People Are Sharing Over Internet

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    Everyone is facing a different situation in their life that is why everyone has their own opinion in situations. Many people share their opinions with others where have some do not. Some people hesitate for sharing their unpopular opinions. They think the other person will not pay attention to their words.

    Some people give awkward unpopular opinions those do not mean anything. Here is the best collection of unpopular opinions, which are going to help you to achieve people’s attention. These unpopular opinions is just for you. Here we go.

    Unpopular Opinions

    1. Tall men and small women love is unbreakable.
    1. White people’s weddings are uniformly dull and monotonous in all facets.
    1. Halloween should always be the last saturday in October.
    1. Follow the billionaires and one day you will be a billionaire.
    1. Orange juice with pulp is better than orange juice without pulp.
    1. Rice pudding is squelchy yukkiness in a bowl.
    1. Most of the things that happen in your life are luck.
    1. If you don’t exercise enough you will probably become lazier.
    1. Showering at night is better than showering in the morning.
    1. Mashed Potato is the most disgusting thing ever invented.
    1. Positive thinking does not guarantee a better result.
    1. If you can laugh alone then you can live happily.
    1. The 2016 Ghostbusters failed because it tried too hard to be comedic
    1. Jamie Oliver is the most irritating man on earth.
    1. I can’t stand pizza with tomato sauce.
    1. Pains and suffering are personal and it cannot be felt by any other person.
    1. The show Friends is painfully unfunny and is the most overrated thing ever.
    1. People who call other people “hun” are intellectually challenged.
    1. Mushrooms are f*king disgusting! They are fungus that grows on shit.
    1. Having a degree will make your life more better.
    1. Tomatoes have zero taste and ruin sandwiches.
    1. The Office US is far better and funnier than the UK original.
    1. The liver is beautiful, the most underrated food of all time.
    1. Common people cannot enter into politics.
    1. Milk does not build strong bones.
    1. 99% of online marketing advice only works if what you’re selling is marketing.
    1. BTS is highly overrated.
    1. If you finished 12th grade then your life is settled.
    1. Anything fewer than four “ha”s in a “hahahaha” text is rude.
    1. The bible is to popular culture what Kim Jung-Un is to golf. A pack of lies.

    Unpopular Opinions Reddit

    1. Taylor Swift doesn’t have any award-worthy albums.
    1. Doing a job as an autorickshaw or taxi driver is very easy for anyone looking for money.
    1. Just because I listen to emotional songs does not imply I am sad.
    1. American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup are better than English ones.
    1. I have no idea why 69 and Lil pump are popular.
    1. I used to help everyone but I’m not getting anything in return.
    1. Your feelings don’t give you the right to hurt others or destroy their property. So the person you didn’t want to be elected won, get over it.
    1. You won’t find true love. Better to settle for average.
    1. Long distance is easy with the right person.
    1. Saying Sorry is a very difficult task to do in life.
    1. It’s okay to fart in front of your significant other lol.
    1. LinkedIn is the best social media platform and everyone should be focusing on it.
    1. If you act like you don’t care don’t be mad when they find somebody who cares. Keep that same energy.
    1. Start reading books by famous authors if you want to become a millionaire.
    1. People are cheap and want too much for too little money.
    1. If you don’t enjoy arguing with people online you shouldn’t do it.
    1. A lot of ppl think it’s cool to be around 24/7 but that’s unhealthy. Ppl need their space.
    1. Managing work life balance is very difficult.
    1. An automatic license is as good as a manual license.
    1. An open office environment is a breeding ground for germs.
    1. Fairytales have diluted what a real relationship looks like.
    1. You can run a successful business all on your own.
    1. Powerpoint is dead.
    1. Drinking wine isn’t classy. You’re just a posh drunk.
    1. “Happy wife happy life” ain’t code for letting her run ya life at the expense of your own happiness.
    1. The best way to have pizza is to put ketchup over the top.
    1. AM and PM are dumb. Everyone should use 24-hour military time.
    1. People who claim to hate online bullying yet do it themselves.
    1. God could have just killed the devil and said forget hell. and moved on swiftly.
    1. Nothing worries you much when you are in an interview round for the first time.

    Best Unpopular Opinions

    1. Self-checkouts are way easier than going through the cashier.
    1. I don’t like dogs, any size or any breed. They smell.
    1. I feel like every religion has the same God but they don’t know how to pronounce its name.
    1. Being lazy is good because lazy people are the most creative people.
    1. You can only “be yourself” in public if “yourself” is socially acceptable.
    1. Drakes music is awful, he’s talentless and fooling us all.
    1. In a relationship, the men hold the greater amount of responsibility.
    1. Picking your nose is the most satisfying thing ever.
    1. Pouring hot water on your windscreen to clear the ice will not crack it.
    1. Pickle juice is delicious, nutritious, and a treat for your mouth and body.
    1. A common understanding is the best way to keep your relationship work for a long and in a better way.
    1. Buying stylish clothes for babies is a waste of money.
    1. Marriage is a patriarchal tool that’s gaslit women into giving away their sexual agency and right to take up their own space.
    1. Feeding your child like a baby bird is the best way to feed them.
    1. It’s always good to be silent when you have a fight with your partner.
    1. The smartphone is the most dangerous device you’ve ever touched.
    1. I think Simba from the Lion King is a little git.
    1. Chocolate ice cream is absolutely disgusting.
    1. Saying I love you most of the time is the way to express your love in a beautiful way.
    1. Pharmacists should be required to wear capes at work.
    1. Musicals are just awful! All that bursting into spontaneous song will not bring about world peace or save humanity.
    1. Ketchup should be fridge-cold.
    1. Boiled eggs are better than the omelet for your meal.
    1. Fries with mayo are superior to fries with ketchup.
    1. Most women can’t drive.
    1. Room-temperature butter is the truth.
    1. To make your food really taste better then you should try to eat your food with ketchup.
    1. Sitting down in the shower is better than standing up in the shower.
    1. Vegans, vegetarians etc… should praise us meat-eaters for keeping their precious plants safe.
    1. You should have only 3 meals a day to maintain a healthy life.
    1. High school is way too romanticized and sets unrealistic expectations for teenagers.

    Serious Unpopular Opinions

    1. Water is a lot better than most soft/sugary drinks.
    1. We are living in a society that believes in equality in every aspect irrespective of any backgrounds.
    1. People should talk about their salaries more often.
    1. Airplane food is quite good and I get excited for it on planes.
    1. Reddit feels like it is dying due to each sub being turned into echo chambers.
    1. People over the age of 12 should eat the crust of a pizza.
    1. The musical Hamilton. The music is just dull and I don’t get why people love it so much.
    1. I cringe whenever someone defends weed by saying alcohol is worse.
    1. A child’s chances for great success start to go down the moment they’re born without proper intervention.
    1. Clay and sky were the most awful couple that could have happened.
    1. I think people just drink gin mostly because it’s trendy now.
    1. Most men are average but if women didn’t wear makeup all the time they would be average too.
    1. They should not have skin-colored emojis and just be stuck with yellow.
    1. Sleeping in is the worst. It’s such a waste of valuable time and early mornings are the best time of the day.
    1. Drivers should be required to take a competency course before being allowed to renew their licenses.
    1. I think it is wildly immature to destroy your partners personal property if they cheat on you.
    1. Making the bed is a pointless chore and a waste of time.
    1. I do not find Channing Tatum attractive whatsoever.
    1. Parents who lecture their kids over them making jokes are just assholes.
    1. I am fine with, and even like it, when college professors or school teachers use memes in their class.
    1. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is a really underrated skill.
    1. Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives.
    1. White people’s weddings are uniformly dull and monotonous in all facets.
    1. People will always believe in word-of-mouth instead of the truth.
    1. I love working from home. I haven’t missed the office.
    1. I am fine with, and even like it, when college professors or school teachers use memes in their class.
    1. The only possible effect one can have on the world is through unpopular ideas.
    1. Your boyfriend should not stop you from finding your husband.
    1. I never let kids win. I think it’s patronizing and unhealthy for their growth.
    1. A person being honest about their sexual past should been seen as basic decency.
    1. American work culture is one of the most toxic and brainless things out there.


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