Before the wipe, "Escape From Tarkov" overruns Customs with all of its bosses.

Escape From Tarkov's next pre-wipe event has every boss visit the Customs map, teasing the same wipe date as yesterday (June 21).

Battlestate Games published a Russian newspaper's frontpage on Twitter today (June 22).

The publication has a photo of every Escape From Tarkov boss gathered, and translator BakeeZy confirmed they're meeting on Customs.

Players are already fighting Escape From Tarkov's bosses on Customs during the pre-wipe event.

Today's occurrence may reveal when the next Escape From Tarkov will happen. 

The number 30 underneath the headline could suggest the next wipe is next Thursday (June 30), a date Battlestate Games has teased.

The pre-wipe event added yesterday (June 21) also hinted at the same date, with a modified Obdolbos Cocktail Injector appearing in raids and dealing 3006 (30/06) damage to players.

This week's first pre-wipe event sends multiple airdrops into every raid.

All signs lead to next Thursday's Escape From Tarkov wipe. Battlestate Games will likely keep disrupting Escape From Tarkov's raids till then.

Battlestate Games reported that Escape From Tarkov's next patch will wipe and disclose new stuff. 

Next patch will expand Lighthouse map, include new weaponry, and more.

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